Marketers are using Touchcode in numerous ways to create unique customer experiences that result in greater brand loyalty, conversions, and the opportunity to gather key data points.

Mass Marketing

Deliver exciting digital content to customers through interactive packaging.

  • Physical packages and products connect to rich media content.
  • Free giveaways can be stamped with unique codes that draw in new customers.
  • Get customers’ attention by adding digital value to a physical item.

Mass Marketing


ERP software giant SAP created a marketing application to emphasize its sustainability efforts and motivate other companies to take part. SAP handed out 100% fair trade chocolate to clients at a marketing event, with promotional cards attached, featuring Touchcode, that allowed customers to save one square meter of forest in Panama.

Customer Loyalty

Connect with loyal customers and encourage them to collect products.

  • Add Touchcode to products like collectible cards.
  • Connect the code to a digital experience customers will love.
  • Keep adding new products and rich media to keep them coming back.

Customer Loyalty


Mattel and Google created a new virtual reality experience, in which Touchcode "passports" granted customers access to unique virtual worlds. Over one million headsets with multiple Touchcode passports included were sold.

Exclusive Content

Reward customers who make a purchase with unique, customized content.

  • Add Touchcode to packaging inserts or products.
  • When customers make a purchase, they get the added benefit of digital content exclusive to them.
  • Bring customers back with the promise of more unique digital experiences.

Exclusive Content


Estee Lauder's Smashbox beauty brand used product inserts to unlock content featuring makeup tutorials exclusive to their customers. The campaign achieved a 23% activation rate, and the brand increased the time users spent on the website from an average of 30 seconds to 7 minutes.


Connect on-screen interactions with special offers.

  • Touchcode-enabled products allow customers to access discounts and other special offers.
  • Codes are secure, robust, and targeted to specific customers.
  • Learn more about customers from the data you gain when they redeem an offer.


Porsche Design Group

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Porsche Design Group handed out Touchcode cards at global Porsche Design stores and partner venues. The cards unlocked digital videos and 10% off vouchers upon user registration.


Transform traditional trading cards into exciting digital games.

  • Integrate Touchcode into cards within a game.
  • Touch the card to a mobile device to unlock new characters, powers, and game boards.
  • Bring the game from the real world to the digital realm.



Nukotoys integrated Touchcode in more than 150 cards in their games Monsterology and Animal Planet Wildlands. Using Touchcode, customers could tap a "Nuko" on their device screen and unleash exclusive digital content, bringing monsters and animals to life. Nukotoys won several awards for their innovative campaign.


Follow authenticated product across distribution channels.

  • Create unique codes for single products.
  • The code can be used to verify a product’s authenticity and location.
  • Enhance the customer experience with unique product-related content.



Luxury fashion house Burberry created a high-fashion marketing application with Touchcode. Touchcode cards were produced for each piece of Burberry's collection at an exclusive London fashion show. Consumers who bought pieces featured in the show received customized Touchcode cards granting them access to exclusive background information about their clothing.


Ensure product quality and protect your brand.

  • Products can be given a unique code.
  • Companies can build internal apps that integrate with Touchcode.
  • Store managers can touch their phones to random product samples to verify product quality and authenticity.


MAC Cosmetics

Due to increase in grey-market products & the negative effect they pose on brands, MAC Cosmetics used an embedded Touchcode pattern to authenticate products received through various distribution channels.


Identify consumer behavior and manage supply chains and quality of goods, using a customized reader.

  • Assign a unique code to each physical product.
  • A customized reader can enable the product to be tracked throughout the supply chain.
  • The product number can be entered into a smartphone app for mass serialization.


Preventing gift card spoofing

Due to an increase of in-store spoofing of gift cards, Touchcode has become a viable solution to prevent negative experiences, especially during the holiday season.

Experiential Marketing Provides Heightened Value


Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, allows consumers to experience a brand through marketing strategies like connected packaging, gaming, and customer loyalty programs. Touchcode is a key tool for experiential marketing because it allows brands to connect digital content to physical products, like collectible cards, game cards, and packaging inserts. When customers connect emotionally with a brand and remember it vividly, they become more loyal to the brand.

Using Touchcode as a way to offer customers exclusive digital experiences provides brand value in three ways:

  1. Showcases brand innovation and creativity
  2. Engages customers in new ways that encourage them to return for more
  3. Helps drive conversions