What is Touchcode?

Our ever-changing digital world has conditioned customers to expect more from brands and products, like experiential shopping and interaction with brands. Touchcode’s connected packaging technology allows digital-savvy, mobile-conscious customers to build brand and product relationships through interactive mobile experiences. We partner with the world’s top printers and packaging converters to seamlessly integrate into your supply chain. Our ink is food grade safe and produces zero electronic waste, making it good for the environment and your customers.

Touchcode Consumer

Touchcode is a series of patterns or codes printed on your packaging that can be used by consumers to unlock content on their smartphones. Touchcode can be used across consumer scenarios, from exclusive content to consumer loyalty programs.

Touchcode Enterprise

We also offer customized solutions for unique enterprise applications, including serialization and anti-counterfeiting, in which conductive ink interacts with a customized reading device to bring more value to your supply chain.

Delivering Key Brand Advantages

Touchcode goes beyond the reach of RFID, NFC, and QR Codes to deliver key advantages for your brand and safe solutions for consumers.


Easy to Integrate

Touchcode integrates seamlessly with your existing processes.



We'll work with your printing workflow to add Touchcode's 100% green, food-grade print technology to your product or packaging. Touchcode is an invisible ID tag printed on paper, cardboard, packaging, plastics, or labels, with no electronic or optical components.



Touchcode then interacts with a touch-sensitive screen on a phone or tablet, through an app or website, to unlock a digital experience. Customers can view exclusive content or play an interactive game.



Our technology can interact with both web and native apps, giving you the freedom to decide what is the best way to interact with your audience.


Gain Customer Data Insights

Gain access to valuable insights on your customers’ behavior – including where they are, what they want, and how they’re interacting with your product. Review data through our web portal or have it synced to your preferred CRM through an API output.


See exactly when customers interacted with your campaign, based on time stamped data. When you get an engagement, you know your customer has your product in hand.

Number of interactions

Know how many times users interacted with your campaign by tracking interactions and frequency of usage. Create scheduled experiences, so users come back again to interact with your campaign.


Identify where your users are, based on geolocation.

Device information

We track mobile device information and can identify each user's operating system.



Activation Rate


Estee Lauder’s Smashbox beauty brand used product inserts to unlock content featuring makeup tutorials exclusive to their customers. The campaign achieved a 23% activation rate and the brand increased time spent on the website from an average of 30 seconds to 7 minutes.