3 Ways Smart Packaging Can Help Brands During Covid-19

There’s no surprise that the way we shop, do business and live day-to-day has completely changed since the emergence of Covid-19.  Overnight, everything changed — whether it be grocery shopping, exercise or taking your children to school, we had to rethink how we interact and function as a society. Luckily, technology has been a driving force in keeping us connected on so many levels.  When it comes to consumerism, brands and customers alike are leaning on technology like never before.  In these changing times, we’ve noticed several ways smart packaging can bridge the gap many are experiencing when it comes to shopping.

Create store-like digital experiences

One of the biggest adjustments we’ve had to make is the heightened restrictions on in-store shopping. There’s an experience that is taking place when a customer interacts with your product in a retail setting. Things like branding, tactile touch, inspiration, and bundling are fundamental aspects of shopping that were eliminated. These are opportunities may be lost upon the customer when online shopping. Smart packaging can allow you to give your customer a “walking down the aisle” feel, or any number of other experiences and offers, that can be delivered directly to your customer.  This is the time for brands to use their creativity to create digital experiences their customers are craving right now.

Educate customers conveniently through your packaging

The other side of the coin is that while there is a specific level of engagement to an in-store experience, there is often a lack of education. The reality is, mobile has totally refined the customer shopping journey and behavior. Studies show that 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase decision while in store.  With smart packaging, you can educate customers on your product in ways you can’t necessary do in store. For example, a beauty brand can connect their products packaging to reviews, customer testimonials and photos, and also pair other products that might work well with the product someone has in hand.

Receive more data to better understand your customer

Another perk of using smart packaging is data.  Data is king and can completely dictate a brand strategy.  The more you know, the better you can aid your customer and smart packaging does just that. Smart packaging allows brands to know exactly where their product is going and where it is being used.  A deeper understanding of where products are can open up opportunities for brands to market directly to customers on a geographical and regional level.

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