3 Ways the Cannabis Industry Can Benefit from Smart Packaging

In recent years, there has been legislation passed in the US towards legalizing marijuana. The industry has grown rapidly in the last decade alonewith 15 states (plus Washington D.C.) legalizing the plant and 20 states allowing it for medical use. The industry is expected to exceed $18 billion in 2020 and surpass $37 billion by 2024While the industry is on the rise, there are still challenges brands face while trying to reach their customers in this highly regulated world. In this article we’ll discuss three ways the cannabis industry can benefit from smart packaging. Smart packaging allows cannabis-based companies to leverage technology to help combat counterfeiting, strengthen their messaging, and offer medical and Certificate of Authentication information. 


With the influx of legalization on cannabis, there has also been an influx in counterfeit on both the plant itself and vaping products. California has seen such an issue with counterfeit products that government organizations like the Bureau of Cannabis Control have been put in place to curb the growing threat not only to business owners, but to consumers as wellWhile cannabis brands work hard to differentiate their products — from colors to size and package design — these are all elements counterfeiters can easily mimic. Smart packaging gives these brands the ultimate power to prove legitimacy to customersWhen a unique code is embedded into the packaging, it is invisible to the naked human eye, therefore incredibly difficult for the counterfeiters to duplicateSmart packaging allows the customer to verify the product directly from a package, allowing them to rest easy knowing it is safe and from a reputable source. 


Although the marijuana industry is becoming more mainstream, the industry is still highly regulated in terms of advertising and messagingGetting the word out is a key component for cannabis brands in authenticating products and increasing loyaltyHowever, smart packaging takes messaging a step further, giving you the tools to enhance the customer experience with unique product-related content.  Now, you can turn your static messaging on a package into an on-going digital platform where the communication can continue in myriad of diverse waysTo differentiate your brand, be real with your consumers. Share specific information on what your process is, how your product complies with legislation and offer incentives to keep your customer trusted and coming back for more. 

 Sharing Certificate of Analysis Information  

The CBD market, an area of the cannabis industry that has certainly taken off as of late, is not regulated the way marijuana products are. Leafreport, a comprehensive online resource dedicated to CBD, recommends consumers only buy CBD from companies that have their products third party lab tested. More specifically, consumers should look to see the brands have completed a Certificate of Analysis or COA,  a document issued by an accredited laboratory that includes a full composition of a product. With smart packaging, your product can give consumers a full digital breakdown of the comprehensive COA, so they can ensure the product will be beneficial for them and their unique health requirements. This way, consumers can feel at ease when using your product because they are receiving indepth informationThese COAs are also a reflection of the company’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in their product  and that the company cares enough about the consumer to make the product as pure as possible. 

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