Driving Loyalty through Connected Packaging

Customer loyalty is all about trust. When brands show they care about their customer’s needs, wants and wallets, an ongoing and fruitful relationship forms.  60% of loyal customers will purchase more frequently from their preferred companies. Connected packaging can aid marketers in taking their loyalty efforts to the next level. In this article we’ll share creative ways to incorporate technology into your marketing mix to build lasting relationships.  

The Unexpected Gift 

Most people like an element of surprise, and that stands true for consumers as well. Any opportunity to show appreciation in ways your customer wouldn’t necessarily expect will drive an added layer of loyalty. In fact, SAP found that 60% of customers say unexpected rewards are the biggest reason they’ll stay loyal to a brand. An excellent example of how to do this is with Porsche Design. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Porsche Design handed out Touchcode cards at their global Porsche Design stores in the USA, EU & Asia, as well as at partner venues. The cards unlocked a hidden video and then redirected to a personalized 10% off voucher. The surprise element left customers delighted and drove revenue.  


Offer Exclusivity  

Consumers like to feel as though they are receiving something exclusive. That’s why concepts like VIP memberships are so popular. Israeli company P.M.I., integrated Touchcode into the market-leading soccer card game, iSupergol. The collectible cards allowed soccer fans to scan an invisible code and get direct access to exclusive content via a digital app. The app was downloaded 22,000 times in the first five weeks of the campaign, and sales were strong. Within two weeks of launch, 7.5 million products in Supergol booster packs, which included stickers and Touchcode cards, sold out completely.  


Make it Easy 

Consumers have a ton of things on their to-do list and in today’s fast-paced world, no one wants to jump through loopholes to get rewards. 78% of consumers want a loyalty program that allows them to redeem their rewards more easily. With connected packaging, you can simply include a card insert with your product that can offer several benefits for the customer. Companies can incentivize coupons in exchange for mailing opt-ins, which in turn leads to more rewards in the future 

Retail marketers are increasingly turning to connected packaging solutions, which offer countless ways to reward customers for their loyalty and keep them coming back. Ready to learn how Touchcode’s connected packaging technology can help you further engage with your customers digitally? Contact us today. 


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