Appealing to Millennial Consumers During Covid-19

The Millennial generation makes up over 83 million people in the United States. Millennials have grown up in a time of everchanging technology advances.  From computers to smartphones, they have had technology at their fingertips for as long as they can remember.  As with all generations, Millennials had to make changes to their everyday lifestyle due to Covid-19.  According to Boston Consulting GroupMillennials have increased their time spent on digital mediathings like social media & video streamingby 58% and online shopping by 6%In this article, we’ll discuss two ways to better market to this demographic with the help of connected packaging. 

Video How To’s & Tutorials 

With more free time to spend on their phones, video how-to’s & tutorials on products is a great way to grab Millennials attention and keep them coming back for more.  A great example of how videos increased engagement through connected packaging is a campaign we ran with SmashboxSmashbox Cosmetics embedded Touchcode’s conductive ink on a card that was included in its eyeshadow packaging. The code was invisible, so it didn’t interfere with the graphic design or copy on the card. Customers could touch their card to the mobile device to watch exclusive video makeup tutorials and get professional makeup tips. Over three million cards were deployed within a 12-month period, yielding a 23% activation rate with a return user base of 50%. By incorporating the connected card into the marketing mix, overall engagement time for Smashbox’s website increased from an average of 30 seconds to 7 minutes per user. 

Recipes & Couponing 

 With restaurant closures & unfortunate salary changes, there has been a major shift in two millennial behaviors in recent months — one being that everyone is a lot more money conscious & the second is a lot more people are eating at home.  2015 Google study found about 60 percent of millennials cook with their smartphone in hand.  With such a captive audience, it would be a missed opportunity not to add recipes directly to food packaging.  After a consumer completes the recipe, they could receive a coupon for their next purchase.  This allows your consumer to not only engage with your product, but also provides an incentive for them to purchase your product again 

Ready to learn more about how Touchcode’s conductive ink could be the right fit for you to reach your target demographic? Contact us today. 


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