Connected Packaging Drives App Downloads and Customer Engagement 

Mobile apps give brands the opportunity to build direct relationships with engaged customers.  Not only do apps provide an outlet to build trust and loyalty, they also provide valuable data on each individual user. Connected packaging goes a step further in driving app value by enticing customers to use an app to unlock exclusive content, promotional offers and loyalty rewards. Furthermore, Touchcode’s conductive ink solution works both online and offline via an app.

Loyalty Program 

The loyalty and rewards programs are a win-win for both marketers and consumers.  For consumers, there are perks received all while cultivating a trusting relationship with the brand. According to data from Mercator, 50%-60% of consumers report that their membership in a brand’s loyalty program made them more likely to visit that brand’s physical locations. The Starbucks app is an example of a successful rewards program.  The app allows customers to receive stars for every dollar spent when paying within the app. Orders can be made both in-store or for mobile pickup.  The stars can be used to receive free drinks and food, with the caveat being that they expire over time, this incentivizes the customer to use them before time expires. The loyalty program works and it shows — Starbucks attributes 40% of its total sales to the Rewards Program and has seen some store sales rise by 7%.

Exclusive content 

Apps give marketers the opportunity to grant consumers access to never before seen content.  Exclusive content makes a user feel as though they are in a unique group and therefore will be more inclined to take actionWe’ve seen success on several exclusive content campaigns.  Two of which were run by PMI & Disney. 

 P.M.I. is Israel’s leading producer, marketer, and distributor of branded leisure products for children and teens.  They integrated Touchcode technology into the market-leading soccer card game, iSupergol. The collectible cards allowed soccer fans to scan an invisible code and get direct access to exclusive content via a digital app. The app was downloaded 22,000 times in the first five weeks of the campaign. Within two weeks of launch, 7.5 million products of booster packs that included stickers and Touchcode cards, sold out completely. 

Disney launched a merchandising initiative with its Violetta brand, adding Touchcode to collectible cards. Touching the cards to a smartphone app unlocked dance tutorial videos, scenes from the Violetta show, and scrapbook tutorials. The app was downloaded over 100,000 times in its first two weeks on the app stores and received a 4-star rating in the Apple app store and a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play store. 

Connected packaging offers brands an effective way to drive app downloads and provides retail marketers with important data points. The data received is invaluable.  With apps, marketers can receive up-to-the-minute insights on their customers including, where they are, what time they were active and where exactly they are shopping. 

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