Implementing Touchcode:  A step-by-step guide

In order to get a Touchcode experience off the ground, there are a few key players who need to be involved — our technology team, your creative and development teams (or your agency) and your printer of choice. In this blog post we’ll explain in detail the role each key player has to provide your customers with the best digital experience possible.

Touchcode Team’s Responsibility

Our team includes technology experts and supply chain masters who collaborate to create connected packaging solutions that captivate customers and earn their loyalty. We start off with the planning phase.  In this phase we develop a code set that then gets distributed to your printer of choice.  We also set up a campaign for you so you can track progress.  We monitor the campaign the entire time it is live & troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We then move onto the software phase.  We have developed software developer kits (SDKs) to make this step as seamless as possible.  We work directly with your software team to ensure implementation.  Once the campaign is live, you will have access to reporting to view the campaign’s performance along the way.

Brand’s Responsibility

No one knows your brand & customers better than you.  That’s why we leave messaging and strategy up to you.  It is the brands responsibility to strategize and decide how they will distribute Touchcode enabled products to their customers.  We also leave the creative to you — the look and feel of the campaign is totally in your control.  We’re happy to provide feedback and best practices along the way. Once we pass along the SDK’s, it’s up to your software development team to implement and run the Touchcode decoder in the background of your site or app to enable the touch detection functions. During the campaign, you will have access to analytics to see how the campaign is performing. In the event you want to update a live campaign, you have full reigns to do so at any point to optimize the customer experience.

Printer’s Responsibility

Once the code set is sent over to the printer, they will begin production on whatever substrate you have chosen.  The printer also runs QC on the code to make sure everything is working as it should.  Once everything is approved at the printer, they then distribute to wherever you choose. Touchcode is happy to work alongside your printer during the QC process.

We are here to assist you every step of the way.  Ready to get started with Touchcode?  Get in touch today.


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