Smart Packaging in Gaming: A Lesson in Customer Engagement

Smart packaging can be leveraged by the gaming industry to engage customers in new ways. Brands can lead customers to exclusive gaming content, special features, and collaborations. The result of this enhanced customer engagement is customer loyalty, not to mention sales.

Using connected packaging in gaming 

Connected packaging gives leading gaming platforms like XBox and PlayStation an opportunity to delight customers, thereby earning their loyalty. For example, XBox could sell game cards or include them in the packaging of new games that allowed customers to unlock a new character or a limited-time character or game. They could offer downloadable specials and limited-time events, like the ability to unlock a character from one game and play it in another game, or interact with special characters or universes using a special code.

Likewise, makers of popular games like Fortnite could use connected packaging to allow customers to unlock different levels and characters, which could be a huge moneymaker.

These types of connected packaging exclusives also motivate customers to purchase physical products. If the physical product includes a card in its packaging that unlocks unique gaming content, that’s a big motivator to buy the packaged game, rather than the digital-only version.

Mattel and Google teamed up to create a new virtual reality experience, in which Touchcode “passports” were sold in VR headset packaging. The cards could be clipped into the headsets to allow customers to access unique virtual worlds. The campaign was successful: Over one million headsets with Touchcode passports were sold.

Transforming traditional games into exciting digital worlds

Connected packaging technology can also be used to bring analog board and card games to the digital world. For example, brands could print Touchcode’s invisible conductive ink onto game cards. Customers could touch the cards to their mobile devices and unlock new characters, powers, and game boards online.

When Nukotoys added Touchcode to more than 150 cards in their Monsterology and Animal Planet Wildlands games, customers could tap a “Nuko” on their device screen and bring monsters and animals from the games to life digitally. The brand’s creative campaign received multiple awards.

Similarly, Gormiti enhanced its trading cards with Touchcode, allowing customers to scan the code on each card with a mobile device and open video trailers, 3D animations, and collectible items. Adding games could be a natural next step for that type of use case.

Gamifying deals

Connected packaging also helps brands create digital games to deliver discounts and deals. For example, a company could create a digital stratch-off to unveil a customer’s next discount, or customers could spin a brand’s digital wheel and reveal a coupon for the product of the month. In the case of children’s products, kids could unlock games on their parents’ devices, and their parents could be rewarded with a discount coupon.

Smart packaging helps gaming brands deepen customer engagement

Smart packaging offers the gaming industry an opportunity to enhance customer engagement. Through the creative use of connected packaging technology, brands can build customer loyalty and even drive sales. Companies can also use gaming to incentivize and reward customers. Smart packaging provides an innovative way for gaming platforms and brands to delight their customers.

Are you ready to take your customer’s gaming experience to the next level? Contact Touchcode today to learn how you can drive more sales and build stronger relationships with your consumer.


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