The World Is Getting More Connected Everyday: That’s Why We’ve Established Thinking Things Through

When we conceived of T+ink nearly ten years ago, the Internet of Things was only beginning to glimmer. We’re the world’s leader in “making objects smart” using very thin and inexpensive printed electronics (which are “powered” by conductive ink technologies combined with human interaction and energy). We’ve been producing some pretty amazing interactive experiences, and we’ll be sharing many of these from “the archives” while also revealing the “next big connected thing” on this new blog.

We have an incredible team of innovators here in New York, in our lab in New Jersey, and in our Touchcode headquarters in Germany – Touchcode combines printed electronics with mobile devices triggering real time experiences with games, videos, and even live human beings, something we’re going to be sharing more about in the next few weeks. Our team will be sharing their stories, while we also open up this blog to our ecosystem partners, including some of the most exciting start-ups – and most established large printers, packaging companies, software and electronics companies, and cloud-based real time communications platforms.

Follow us – and join this truly incredible journey into a completely new world of the Internet of All Things, now able to be connected in creative ways with new economic models that don’t break the bank. We’ve heard from some of the smartest people working on the IoT that what can help blow the opportunity for IoT wide open, after what some consider to have been a slow start – is inexpensive ways to “electrify” end-points. We’re standing at the edge of tremendous growth and what I believe is a digital renaissance grounded when futurism meets realism.

– John


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