Imagination to Burn: 451 Media and T+ink

We remember when we had our first Frankenstein prototype of the Power Glove rigged up and threw that first punch in hacked version of Mike Tyson’s “Punch Out”. We looked at each other and said, “Wow, this is pretty cool”. When T+ink teamed up with 451 Media, developing the world’s first interactive graphic novel using Touchcode technology we felt that same Power Glove rush and said, “Wow – this is really cool.”

With NY Comic Con kicking off this week we’re stoked to be launching our interactive publishing division, 451 Media, (as in Farenheit 451, the temperature that paper burns), together with our friend Doug Nunes and his buddy Mike Bay – yeah, that Mike Bay – we’re taking the comic reading experience to a whole new level. And it sure doesn’t hurt that we have our friends at Intel and Machinima who are going to bring their 150 million friends who log onto the site every month to check us out at 451.

We’ll roll out our first slate of interactive graphic novels this week that includes fresh + original stories we recruited from the major league of best selling authors + top screenwriters like Scott Rosenberg (“Con Air”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”), Skip Woods (“X-Men Origins -Wolverine”, Hitman, A Good Day to Die Hard), George Pelecanos (“The Wire”, “The Cut”), Mark Mallouk (“Black Mass”), Clay McLeod Chapman (“The Boy”, “5 States of Fear”) and Peter and Paul Williams (vfx for “Avatar,” “The Avengers”).

With T-ink’s Touchcode technology we’re giving this A-Team of writers the hi-tech ammo to spin their words into all new worlds of premium digital interactive experiences, to immersed reader into the story and the characters and unlock access to exclusive content on touch-screen-enabled smartphones and tablets.

We’re giving away a load of free comics, exclusive swag and collectible Touchcode enabled cards this whole week, so get ‘em while they hot, because like we say at 451, “we have imagination to burn.”

Check us out at Booth 1536 and let us know if you think it’s “pretty cool” too.

– A + J


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