How Brands Are Amping Up Customer Loyalty Through Exclusive Content

Connected packaging, which allows consumers to interact with a product through a code on the package that can be activated with a mobile device, is used by many brands to deliver exclusive digital content to their customers. A special code is printed on or within the product’s package that consumers can activate with a mobile device.

Brands are getting increasingly creative about using exclusive digital content to attract and retain customers. Tutorials, collectibles, sneak peeks, first access, and priority shipping are five interesting ways in which brands are leveraging exclusive content to increase customer loyalty.

Exclusive tutorials create unique value for customers

Smashbox Cosmetics developed exclusive content for customers in a successful campaign in which the company added cards to its eyeshadow packaging that were printed with Touchcode’s invisible conductive ink. The cards invited customers to visit a website, touch their mobile device to the card, and unlock a series of exclusive online video tutorials with professional makeup artists, in which they could learn professional makeup skills. The campaign increased website traffic by 1,300% and achieved a 23% activation rate and a 50% return user base.

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Exciting digital content entices customers to keep collecting

In a similarly successful content campaign, Disney added Touchcode to over three million collectible Violetta cards. Touching the cards to a smartphone app unlocked dance tutorial videos, scenes from the Violetta show, and scrapbook tutorials. The app was downloaded over 100,000 times in its first two weeks in the app stores. Customers who bought the cards were the only fans who could see the unique Violetta content, increasing the likelihood that they would buy more collectible cards.

Likewise, Israeli company P.M.I. integrated Touchcode into the market-leading soccer card game iSupergol. The collectible cards allowed soccer fans to scan an invisible code and get direct access to exclusive content via a digital app. The app was downloaded 22,000 times in the first five weeks of the campaign, and sales were strong: Within two weeks of launch, 7.5 million products in Supergol booster packs, which included stickers and Touchcode cards, sold out completely.

Sneak peeks and other exclusive footage keep customers coming back

Exclusive sneak peeks are another way to keep customers coming back for more. Concertgoers whose ticket stub is printed with Touchcode could touch the code to a mobile device and play different versions of a popular album track, copies of concert set lists, previews of new videos, concert recordings, a special encore performance after the show, or sneak peeks of soon-to-be released albums.

Likewise, movie tickets could be imprinted with Touchcode and offer ticketholders exclusive behind-the-scenes footage; outtakes; and interviews with actors, producers, and screenwriters.

First access enhances customer loyalty

Certain credit cards provide cardholders with exclusive early access to tickets for popular concerts, which keeps customers loyal. Brands could print Touchcode on product packaging, apparel hang tags, and other packaging or products themselves and give purchasers first access to exclusive brand-related digital content or even real-life incentives. Customers who routinely get first and early access to brand goodies will reward your brand with their loyalty.

Priority shipping rewards customers

Priority shipping is another way to keep customers loyal, as large online marketplaces well know. Connected packaging printed with Touchcode could encourage customers to tap the code to their mobile device the next time they place an online order for that product to get free next-day shipping.

Exclusive content drives customer loyalty

Retail marketers are increasingly turning to connected packaging solutions, which offer myriad ways to reward customers for their loyalty and keep them coming back. Exclusive content like tutorials, collectibles, sneak peeks, first access, and priority shipping help brands draw customers in and keep them coming back for more. The result is enhanced customer loyalty.

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